Performance Showcases

Performance Showcases in Seattle WA

Showcase Details

Preparation Program

During all of your lessons leading up to the Performance Showcase, you'll be working with your teacher to polish 1 - 2 songs. They'll also provide you with guidance on creating sheet music for other musicians.

You'll also attend a rehearsal with professional musicians, during which you'll practice your songs a few times, go over your sheet music, and prepare for the performance.

Please note: Because participation requires that your teacher works with you on developing your repertoire leading up to your performance, teacher permission is required to participate in this program.

Performance Times

The Showcase takes place over a 2 hour period; please plan to attend the entire show.

We'll assign you a specific performance timeslot within the showcase depending on the songs you're performing, instrument you're playing, and your accompaniment requirements.


You will be accompanied by professional musicians, which will likely be teachers from the school, who may or may not be your teacher. We'll invite all teachers to attend the performance, but they are not required.


There is a $100 registration fee, which includes:

  • (1) 30-minute rehearsal with up to 2 professional musicians
  • (1) 10-minute performance slot, during which you may perform up to 2 songs
  • A professionally-recorded audio CD of the entire performance showcase, available for you at your next scheduled lesson following the showcase


Egan's is a small, upscale jazz venue; you may bring up to 2 guests with you.


Click the link below to see all the events currently open for registration. If you just want to watch the blues jam, there is no need to register, but please text the office to let us know you're coming:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in the showcase?
This program is for intermediate and advanced students, with the following qualifications:

  • At least 10 years or older
  • A minimum of 2 years of experience playing your instrument

You'll also need your teacher's permission to participate, as they'll be working with you during your lessons in preparation for the performance.

What's included with the registration fee?
As part of the program, your teacher will tailor your lessons leading up to the performance in order to focus on developing and polishing your pieces, you'll have the opportunity to rehearse with professional musicians to practice prior to the performance, you'll have up to 10 minutes to perform your song(s), and you'll receive a professionally-recorded audio CD of the entire showcase.

Off the Wall will get CDs from the venue and you'll receive your copy at your next scheduled music lesson following the showcase.

What time is the showcase?
The showcase is from 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Can I pick when I play?
No. We'll be organizing performers to create the best musical flow for the evening, and your performance time will be determined by your songs, instrument, and accompaniment needs.

Where/how do I sign up?
Please register via our website only. We have a maximum of 12 performance slots, and they are first come, first served.

Once we receive your registration, we'll check with your teacher that they are able to work with you on developing your repertoire for the performance, and then send you a confirmation via email.

Will my teacher be there?
Your teacher may be one of the accompanying musicians; if they aren't, we do encourage them to attend, but cannot guarantee it.

How many pieces can each performer play?
You can play as many songs as you can fit into your 10-minute performance window, but we recommend you focus on polishing 1 - 2 great songs for this performance.

Will there be refreshments?
Yes! Egan's offers great food and drinks. Please help support them by coming hungry.

Where do we buy tickets for our guests?
No tickets required! Because this venue is so small, please limit yourself to 2 guests.

Where can I park near Egan's?
Egan's doesn't have a parking lot, so please leave some extra time to find street parking.

Will the school be filming or photographing the performances, or should we bring our own camera?
We will be taking pictures and occasionally we film when possible.

If you'd like to record your student's performance, please feel free to bring your own gear!

If you haven't already, please fill out our Media Release Form.

What will it be like?
This Showcase is your opportunity to experience what it's like to perform at an upscale jazz club. 

You'll be accompanied by 1 or 2 other musicians, and we'll have staff to help  you setup and break down after your performance as needed.

We'll also have an MC who will introduce you, your songs, and the other musicians.

Please plan to bring:

  • All students - a few copies of your sheet music, for yourself and to share with your band
  • Guitar students - your own guitar and cable
  • Violin students - your violin
  • Drum students - your own sticks