Ukulele Group Classes

About The Uke Classes

Join us for a fun, casual class to learn 2 themed songs at Off the Wall!

The uke has one of the quickest learning curves of all the instruments and most songs only require learning 3 easy chords.

This is a fun way to try a new instrument. Imagine being able to play the ukulele while you walk around your house or on the beach in Hawaii.

What Will I Learn?

We'll play through 2 songs selected by the class.

The emphasis is on having fun with music, by including other people, nice weather and some food.

You'll work on your rhythm, chords, melody, *singing while playing with other people.

When you play with other people, you develop your rhythm and listening abilities.

The chords you learn on the ukulele might transfer over to your understanding of harmony on another instrument like piano or guitar.

*Singing is optional, but you will be with other students playing your uke.

Do I Need A Ukulele?

We will have ukuleles for students that do not have one yet. If you do have a uke, please bring it!

How Long?

Our ukulele classes are 60 - 90min long.

Attendance Fee

The cost to participate is $20 per student. Off the Wall will provide a few snacks and treats. Students are welcome to bring their own snacks and drinks to share potluck style.

How Much Experience Do I Need?

Students with no experience are welcome!
We have two classes, one for brand new students that don't have a uke and and never played before and one class for students with more experience that have played and strummed before.

What Are The Recommended Ages?

The ukulele classes will be best for students age 6 and up, including adults.
All classes will have some snacks, but we will have adult only classes so we can sip and strum.

Adult only classes may be hosted in a coffee shop with wine & beer for sale or if the class is on the roof, students are welcome to bring their own.

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