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Enhance your music lessons with these suggested music apps for iOS and Android

Note Squish

Note Squish - iOS AppLearn to read music the fun way with Note Squish.

This simple game will teach you the names of the notes on the treble, bass and C-clef.

Fun for kids just learning an instrument, adults brushing up their music skills and everyone in between.

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acapella ios and android app

Acapella is a fun and easy way to create a cappella videos.

Record multi-part harmonies or jam with different instruments, then layer them on each other.

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Clapping Music

clapping music ios appImprove your rhythm by playing a game based on Steve Reich's groundbreaking work -- a piece of music performed entirely by clapping.

Tap in time with the constantly shifting pattern and progress through all of the variations.

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Easy Voice Recorder

easy voice recorder android appEasy Voice Recorder is a fun, simple and easy to use audio & voice recorder.

Use it to record yourself as you're practicing, listen to your performances, transfer them to your computer and save your favorites as your ringtone.

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launchpad ios app

Launchpad is a really fun collection of loops, samples, drum beats and special effects to make your own beats.

Create music instantly with this simply introduction to more advanced DJ production software.

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Metronome Ϟ

Metronome iOS AppThis app provides highly accurate audio and visual feedback, and an easy to use timer to track your practice sessions.

It also features iPhone LED flash visual feedback support, 8 metronome sounds including human voice, a background mode so it blends with other audio and tap tempo functionality.

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Piano Maestro

Piano Maestro iOS AppMake practice time fun & effective with this addictive game.

Piano Maestro listens to which notes you're playing on the piano and will let you know if you're playing the song correctly.

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Rhythm Pad

rhythm pad ios appRhythm Pad includes a wide range of high-quality real and electronic drum kits.

Tap directly on your phone or tablet to record your own beat.


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virtuoso ios app

Virtuoso is a simple piano keyboard app.

Use it for jamming or figuring out melodies when you're away from a piano.


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Blues Guitar Jam Tracks Pro

blues guitar jam tracks pro android app

This jamming app features 15 professionally recorded blues jam tracks in a variety of blues styles.

You can adjust the tempo of each track, as well as play them in all 12 keys.

For each track there are scales diagrams for the pentatonic scales and arpeggios needed to jam along with the track.

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Drum Beats+

Drum Beats + iOS & Android AppDrum Beats+ is the metronome app that improves your timing using great sounding drum beats, not a boring click.

It can also help you write songs, jam with friends or even perform live.

It's a learning, jamming and performing tool that keeps getting better, just like you.

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garageband ios app

Make music anywhere you go with this fully featured mobile recording studio.

Trigger loops and audio effects in real time, and use Multi-Touch gestures to play a piano, organ, guitar and drums.

Instantly record a performance with support for up to 32 tracks.

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Loopy HD

Create music with Loopy HD by layering looped recordings of singing, beatboxing, or playing an instrument with a savvy, sophisticated, tactile new looper that totally reinvents the formula.

This is the app that Jimmy Fallon used with Billy Joel on the Tonight Show.

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Music Maker Jam

This easy to use app allows you to combine thousands of professional samples with your own original recordings.

The 8-channel mixer allows you to give your mix the right balance.

New style packs released regularly.

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Pro Metronome

Pro Metronome Android AppPro Metronome is a powerful tool that helps you master both daily practice and stage performance.

You can customize the time signature interface, choose from 13 time-keeping styles and change the beat volumes.

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staffwars logo ios and android appThis game is designed to help beginning and intermediate musicians learn and practice the note names of the treble, alto and bass clefs.

Have fun while mastering these clefs!

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Walk Band - Music Studio

walk band - music studio android appWalk Band is a music studio (a toolkit of virtual musical instruments) that contains tons of features, including Piano, Guitar, Drum Kit, Drum Machine, Bass, Multi-tracks synthesizer and more.

Add the drum beats and guitar chords to your piano melody.

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Blues JamTracks

Blues JamTracks iOS AppChallenge yourself to improve your guitar soloing or jamming skills by playing along with a selection of blues backing tracks.


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Drum Pad Machine

drum pad machine android app

Create grooves and music in different styles.

Use a unique library of samples and presets designed by professionals.

The sequencer will make your beats even more interesting and performances easier.

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Guitar Jam Tracks

Guitar Jam Tracks iOS and Android AppPractice jamming, learning scales and soloing to a blues jam track in keys A, B, C, D, E, F and G right from your device.

Easy-to-read scale charts show you exactly where to put your fingers to start sounding like a pro.

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McCarthy Music

McCarthy Music iOS, Mac & Windows AppMcCarthy Music offers a custom keyboard that lights up to provide you visual feedback as you're playing piano.

But you can use their free app with a standard keyboard, and it's a great tool for testing your music reading skills.

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Music Memos

music memos ios app

Music Memos enables you to record a melodic idea using a piano, guitar or voice, then analyzes the tempo and automatically adds bass, drums and backing instruments.

Hear how your song sounds with a full band backing it up!

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QuickVoice Recorder

quickvoice recorder ios app

This fully featured audio recorder is a great tool for recording yourself as you play, listening to your performances and even saving your favorites as your new ringtone.


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Vic Firth

Vic Firth is an excellent app for drummers -- it shows examples and provides lessons for all 40 of the drum rudiments.


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yousician ios and android app

Yousician is your personal music tutor: Learn at your own pace, whenever and wherever you want.

The app listens to you play and gives instant feedback on your accuracy and timing.

The curriculum is designed by expert music teachers, and helps musicians of all levels improve -- from complete beginners to pros.

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