Alyssa – Drums, Piano, Harp Teacher

Quick Facts About Alyssa

  • Teaches drums, piano, harp, guitar, bass and sax
  • Works well with all ages and beginner to intermediate skill levels
  • Specializes in Rock, Pop, Jazz, Blues and Classical Jazz Styles
  • Develops customized curriculum based on Faber and Faber, Dozen a Day, and more
  • Strengths: Composing, learning by ear and making lessons energetic and fun
  • Teaching for 10+ years
  • Degrees in music and audio recording from Finger Lakes Community College; Certified in Harp Music Therapy

Learn More About Alyssa

General Teaching Style

Alyssa's style focuses on the fun and creative aspect of learning, including how to teach yourself so learning just about anything, anytime, anywhere is possible.

Playing the best by ear, she teaches her students how to sing scales in their head, which helps them figure out the movement of notes going up and down the scale, and how to apply them to the instrument so that they are able to play any song by ear on their own.

Also, improvising and composing is a great stress reliever and inspires creative energy, so giving her students a selection of notes to play over a chord progression on the spot is an exciting way of discovering new and hidden talents.

Curriculum-wise, she uses a vast variety from Faber and Faber to Dozen a Day -- which are fun exercises in song form to practice the most popular piano techniques (chords, arpeggios, scales) -- and ranging in style from rock to pop to easy jazz and blues to classical. Funky is always a favorite as well for drummers!

Focus & Goals of the First Lesson

First, I always ask what made you sign up for lessons. I use your inspiration as goals for continuing the fun and excitement of learning. Then I assess what you know already know about your instrument, how long you've been playing, and I'll have you play a little something to see your skill level.

From there I either throw out several options of what sounds most interesting to you, or if there is no preference I will pick some of my favorites! I always try to get a song completed by the end of the first lesson so you will walk away with something to perform for others, including confidence in yourself and inspiration to keep coming back!

For children, the focus tends to lean towards fun and creativity while adults sometimes enjoy more written work and theory. I also try to make sure to throw out musical vocabulary while asking as many questions as possible to get the students to figure out as many answers as they can on their own instead of being shown the answer every time. Making and correcting mistakes is a great way to learn!

Unique Strengths

Alyssa is skilled in composing, learning by ear, and making lessons energetic and fun.

Additional Experience & Instruments

The musical endeavors of Alyssa Martini began in elementary school and continued throughout college where Alyssa earned a college music degree and a minor in audio recording from Finger Lakes Community College in upstate NY in 2009. Her first piano lesson at age 10 sparked a unique and passionate interest in music that transformed into a deep appreciation for many more instruments including drums, guitar, sax, bass and harp. While pursuing her music degree, Alyssa became Certified in Harp Music Therapy from Valley Hospital and the Robert Wood-Johnson University accredited program, Bedside Harp.

Since the early 2000's, Alyssa has been giving beginner-intermediate lessons from children to adults at various music schools on the east coast in NY and NJ. In 2014, Alyssa's career took her to Denver, Colorado where she taught at School of Rock Littleton and instructed private and group classes including directing Seasonal Shows, Little Wing and Rock Rookies and Red Rocks Amphitheater. There she continued her healing Harp Therapy at nursing and retirement Homes. At the beginning of 2016, Alyssa ventured westward yet again to pursue cruise ship opportunities and landed more music gigs with several bands.

Alyssa performed across the tri-state area and NYC as a drummer in a 3-piece all-girl original rock band ZEN in her college years, currently with singer-songwriter Claire Michelle at events including Folk Life, and for Seattle punk rock band Bad Saint. She played keyboard for her church rock band in NY and currently performs bass and synth for Trick Candles including for Hempfest. She stood as the female bassist for a 90's rock cover band, Collision Theory in NY, majored in alto sax in college, and performs harp at weddings, corporate and private events.

Most Inspirational Music Moment

Playing drums for Parliament-Funkadelic's guitarist!

Top 3 Desert Island Albums

I learned most of what I know by playing all my instruments to these songs!

  • Tragic Kingdom - No Doubt
  • Brave New World - Iron Maiden
  • Enema of the State - Blink 182
Alyssa Martini - Drums, Guitar, Sax, Piano, Bass and Harp Teacher | Off the Wall School of Music

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