Angie D. – Drum Teacher

Quick Facts about Angie

  • Teaches Drums
  • Works best with ages 8 to adult
  • Has experience with playing guitar
  • Specializes in Rock
  • PhD Comparative Literature
  • Brightmont Academy Instructor
  • North Seattle College Instructor

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General Teaching Style

I love creating a plan that suits individual needs. I want to encourage a strong foundation in technique with an emphasis on creativity and learning a student's favorite songs. I like to develop weekly practice plans with each student based on their needs and have as relaxed an atmosphere as possible in the studio while still inspiring confidence on the kit.


Through my own teaching, I've developed a comprehensive method of practice in technique, fills and music based on the following books:
Funky Primer
Double Bass Encyclopedia (for those interested)
Gary Chaffee Time Functioning Patterns (Chaffee is my former instructor and was the drum Chair at Berklee)
Stick Control

My strengths are:Flexibility, Motivation, and Openness

Most Inspirational Music Moments and Experiences

When I finally nailed the John Bonham triplets in Zeppelin's "Dazed and Confused"

Top 3 Desert Island Albums

Led Zeppelin I
PJ Harvey - Dry
Korn - Issues

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Focus & Goals of the First Lesson

While each lesson is individualized, a first lesson will consist of:
Learn how to warm up properly
Learn how to play one beat and one fill
Learn how to read basic drum notation
Set a song goal

Flexible and Motivating Teacher

I have been teaching teens for much of my adult life in one capacity or another, whether it's leading healthy relationship seminars or teaching poetry in the high schools.