Elizabeth H. – Piano and Beginning Voice – Teacher

Quick Facts about Elizabeth

  • Teaches piano to students ages 3 and up
  • Specializes in classic, contemporary alternative (often using synthesizers) and general improvisation skills
  • Experience working with students on the autism spectrum
  • Can teach voice and piano same time, and experience with Cello, Electric Bass, and Xylophone
  • Ongoing Bachelors of Arts in Interdisciplinary Art and Performance
  • Music Theory/Piano - 9 years

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General Teaching Style

Very fluid. I give a lot of space for my students to get comfortable and feel familiar with the piece or concept we're working on. There are no hard rules and I strive to find the best approach for them.

I've taught music on and off for about 4 years at my job where I work with children on the autism spectrum, we typically work on life skills but when they show an interest in music or any creative outlet I try to encourage and help them as much as possible.


A lot like my teaching style I approach curriculum in a similar way. I pick and pull what I need from different sources such as Faber and Faber, Dozen a Day, and more.

Focus & Goals of the First Lesson

On our first lesson we'll mostly likely start by talking about their previous experience and if they have a goal already in mind. From their we could start picking music they want to learn and have fun while covering some easy basics so they already have something fun they can practice with confidence by the time they leave the lesson.

This approach will differ slightly between adults and children. For children the lesson will be very fun and immediate motivating, for adults it will be that same level of motivation and fun but a little more goal oriented and structured depending on their inspirations and goals.

Most Inspirational Music Moments and Experiences

Playing piano and the synth with a local band, Slow Pines, at Barboza in Capital Hill this year!

Versatile Teacher

Elizabeth's strengths like in composition, improvisation, sight reading, playing by ear, singing and playing at the same time, applying or creating strategies to help overcome obstacles that might make practicing or progressing difficult.

I've worked with children on the autism spectrum for 6 years so I have a lot of experience teaching various skills across a varying skill level. I'm also someone that often needs and adapted approach to learning or a little extra time so I've gotten good at being able to intuitively tell when things are or aren't working.

Top 3 Desert Island Albums

The Long Goodbye: LCD Soundsystem Live at Madison Square Garden - Because it's such an immersive experience, you hear something new every time you listen to it.
Comfort Eagle: Cake - it's the perfect hype album.
Civilisation I & II: Kero Keto Bonito - also very immersive but very soothing with a hint of peril.