Emily – Violin and Viola – Teacher

Quick Facts About Emily

  • Teaches violin and viola
  • Works well with all ages and skill levels
  • Develops customized curriculum based on the Suzuki Method, Essential Elements, Adventures in Violin, and more
  • Strengths: Upbeat and positive personality, and is trained in classical, rock, Celtic, and world music
  • Teaching for 4+ years
  • Bachelor of Arts from the University of Washington; Private Violin Lessons since age 5; was part of the Washington All State Orchestra

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General Teaching Style

I strongly believe in self discipline and encourage techniques that build a strong practice regimen and a personal desire to learn music.

Striking a balance between exercises and fun songs is something I emphasize. I want you to enjoy what you're playing but also spend time on valuable exercises that efficiently improve skills.

I like to teach all ages and skill levels.

My history of teaching includes a number of adult students where I find it easier to focus on long term goals and progressing quickly.

With younger students, I focus more on the weekly goals and keep them engaged with regular new material.

No matter what the age, lessons and goals should be geared towards the individual student and what they want to achieve with their instrument.

Depending on the needs of the students, I take from various method books, including:

  • Suzuki Method
  • Esssential Elements
  • Adventures in Violin Funland
  • Mazas
  • Sevcik

Focus & Goals of the First Lesson

The first lesson should always be fun and informative and give a good idea of what to expect moving forward with training.

Regardless of age, I cover proper form, string names, basic note reading, and bow grip in the first lesson.

For young beginners, I like to use fun, simple songs to help them learn the names of the strings. I also have a routine to help them remember how to hold the violin properly.

If the student does not yet have a violin and is just "trying it out," I give them homework they can do with just a pencil.


Emily Bouvier - Violin and Viola Teacher | Off the Wall School of Music

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Strengths and Experience

Unique Strengths

I have a very upbeat personality and positive mentality when it comes to teaching.

Learning is about hard work rather than talent and I remind my students of that as much as possible. I also have a background in a number of different genres.

While classically trained, I have continued my studies in additional genres, including rock, Celtic, and world music.

Every student has their own needs. Some require a detailed and clear curriculum to stay motivated. Others need flexibility and the chance to switch gears when something new inspires them. I enjoy the process of figuring out what curriculum will work best for each student and take notes and set goals to keep them on track.

Additional Experience & Instruments

I have been performing in rock groups and have written original parts for a number of rock, hard rock, and acoustic songs.

I own a 5-string electric violin and use it to experiment with new sounds and test the boundaries of the violin in music.

I think outside of the box and encourage creativity beyond method and practice books.

Most of my work in the rock genre is ear training and I learn quickly how to play melodies by ear. If you want to learn a song without hunting for sheet music, I can help you figure it out just by listening!

In addition to the violin and viola, I have taught myself to play the guitar and the piano.

Most Inspirational Music Moment

Music inspires me in new ways all the time. The most recent of which is getting to hear professional opera singers from a seat in the orchestra.

It's incredible the talent you can find when looking at musicians whose instruments are their passion. Nothing will ever beat live music when I'm looking for inspiration.

Top 3 Desert Island Albums

  • As I Am - Alicia Keys
  • Greatest Hits - Queen
  • Death and the Maiden - Schubert