Henry C – Piano Teacher

Quick Facts about Henry

  • Teaches Piano to all ages
  • Has experience with music composition and music production
  • Can teach to play and sing at same time
  • Specialize in jazz, blues, rock, funk, classical, Latin, world music, free improvisation, pop, theatre and cinema music
  • Has experience with Trombone, piano, drums, Latin Percussion - timbales, congas, bongos, cowbell, cajón, guiro, cabasa, shekere, maracas,electric bass, voice
  • Master of Music in Jazz Studies - University of Oregon School of Music
  • Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance - Willamette University

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General Teaching Style

I meet the students where they are at musically. Whether they are beginners or have years of experience, I enjoy creating a positive and high energy space where the students and I explore music that is challenging but accessible and fun.

I prefer to act as a guide, often providing students new material to sightread and asking questions about their musical tastes and interests to help create a musical path that is fresh, interesting, and artistic. Students can expect to make music together, learn about the fundamentals of their instrument, create their own music, and learn methods for effective and enjoyable practicing.


I prefer to use a breadth of materials in lessons. This includes learning music by ear, tools for improvising, the foundations of good posture on one's instrument, reading sheet music, rhythm studies, singing, and movement.

My students and I explore melody, harmony, scales, music theory and technique through the music that they are currently working on and handouts. This allows the student to directly apply technical aspects to the music that they are learning by ear or written music.

The goal of my curriculum is to engage students, expand their interests and abilities, and have fun while learning.

Most Inspirational Music Moments and Experiences

My most inspirational musical moment was hearing my original compositions come to life with the help of my band. On short notice, we put the music together and recorded an album that turned out well.

Top 3 Desert Island Albums

Our Secret World - Kurt Rosenwinkel
The Story - Brandi Carlile
Clube Da Esquina - Milton Nascimento

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Focus & Goals of the First Lesson

Students can expect to learn how to play a song they want to know on their instrument in the first lesson. This does not differ between adults nor children. Students can also expect to find direction and motivation to play -- we find music that is an appropriate level and engaging so the student wants to practice and grow.

Outgoing and Positive Teacher

Clear articulation and intuitive pacing

'Yes, and' teaching-learning technique

Adjusting the level of music to be accessible to the student's needs

Outgoing, positive, focused, and responsive

I am a certified yoga teacher and understand the importance of mindfulness, patience, clarity of articulation and direction, and calmness.

I have studied music, Spanish and taught children in Quito, Ecuador for six months. Becoming fluent in a non-native language and working with different cultures of the world have shaped me to become a more open-minded and empathetic teacher.