Joshua – Piano, Drums, Woodwinds – Level 2 Teacher

Quick Facts About Josh

  • Teaches piano, voice, drums, woodwinds, harmonica
  • Works well with students aged 7 to adult, all experience levels
  • Specializes in Jazz, Blues, Rock and Musical Theater Styles
  • Skilled in teaching how to play and sing together
  • Curriculum is tailored for students, with both visual and analytical approaches
  • Strengths: Customizing a course of study based on a student's learning style, simplifying complex topics
  • Teaching for 10 years
  • Self-taught professional musician for 40 years

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General Teaching Style

I try to build a strong sense of music theory using songs the student enjoys.

My curriculum varies as I tailor it to the learning styles of each student -- some are more visual, others more analytical, and I create lessons that will resonate with them.

Focus & Goals of the First Lesson

In my first introduction with a student I try to impart a sense of the fun journey they are about to embark upon. Learning to play music enriches your life in a way that very few things can compare to.

I try to eliminate any fear that learning a new skill can invoke by teaching them a fun song they can play in their first lesson. This empowers them and helps them to realize that music is something they can enjoy and excel at.

I also tailor every lesson to the student's strengths. Whether they are analytical, creative, kinetic, or visual learners, I find their strengths and use them to make learning more efficient and more fun.

I feel I am succeeding if my student arrives to each lesson with a smile and enthusiasm for learning music!

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An Excellent Teacher, Coach and Mentor

Lessons with Josh are a motivational experience! Students walk out feeling inspired and ready to take on their songs for the week, but more importantly, ready to take on the world.

He has a huge amount of fun teaching curriculum to draw from and is particularly good at introducing students to improvising in a way that is fun and exciting. Because he plays so many instruments, he can accompany his students on piano and drums. This gives the student some of the best practice actually performing their songs.

Additional Experience & Instruments

Josh has been performing for 40 years! He also plays guitar & bass in addition to the instruments he teaches.

Always supporting his students

Josh performing

Devil Went Down To Georgia

Bumble Boogie Mashup

Unchain My Heart Lesson

Top 3 Desert Island Albums

  • Michel Legrand - The Thomas Crown Affair (original 1968 film soundtrack)
  • Buddy Rich - Buddy and Soul
  • Eumir Deodato - Prelude

Most Inspirational Music Moment

Probably the first time I had to play a jazz club with my band. The level of musicianship I witnessed at the club was pretty humbling. It made me want to be a stronger performer.

Josh Stewart - Jazz & Rock Piano Music Teacher in Seattle, WA