Kate – Voice Teacher

Quick Facts about Kate

  • Teaches voice to students of all ages and ability levels
  • Specializes in contemporary styles - Jazz, Musical Theater, Country, Rock, Blues
  • BFA in Musical Theatre from the University of Oklahoma's Weitzenhoffer School of Musical Theatre

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General Teaching Style

My goal is to create a seamless sound. I want to be able to take you from your lowest vocal register to you highest register without hearing the "breaks" in your voice. That begins with proper alignment and breath. This will allow you to sing a variety of styles from pop to jazz to classic musical theatre. I want your voice to sound effortless!


I believe curriculum is based on individual needs, however, I like to focus on proper alignment and breathing technique for everyone. Then move towards songs catered to what each vocalist needs to work on and also their personal taste. Singing songs that you enjoy is always way more fun!

Focus & Goals of the First Lesson

During my first session I want to hear what you sound like! I'll get a sense of where you are on your vocal journey, so bring a song that you absolutely love to sing, and I'll begin there by helping you with a few tricks to make it easier. Then we can decide what direction you want to go in, and I'll pick a song specialized for your voice.

Most Inspirational Music Moments and Experiences

As a member of the Seattle music community, my most inspiring moments come from watching my peers do incredible things. When you go to a friends show and are blown away, that's what I love. Being around such creative people helps fuel my creativity as well.

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Additional Experience & Instruments

I grew up with a classical voice background and then went on to study musical theatre after high school. During college I became involved with the jazz program which led to working as a vocalist for Carnival Cruise lines. I'm now a working musician and songwriter in the Seattle area.

I've been playing guitar for about 4 years and also play piano.

Joyful Singing

Kates strength is bringing out the joy in singing. She will give you the tools to sing any style safely, while developing the unique characteristics of your voice. She will help you discover your voice and the styles that excite you.

Her performance background makes her an excellent teacher. She has been gracing the stage for over 20 years. Everywhere from cruise ships to large 1000+ seat theaters.

Powerful Vocals

Kate commands the stage with her incredible vocal talents. She can hit soaring notes with power and control. Routinely performing at some of Seattles famous venues, she is already a seasoned veteran and eager to share her insights with students.

Top 3 Desert Island Albums

Amy Winehouse- Back to Black
Del Amitri's Greatest hits (it's a family thing)
Natalia Lafourcade- Musas