Kyle Williams – Drums and Piano Teacher

Quick Facts about Kyle

  • Teaches Beginner to Advanced Drums and Beginner to Intermediate Piano to all ages
  • Specializes in Pop/Rock, Jazz, Symphonic Percussion
  • Comfortable teaching voice and instrument at the same time
  • Experience playing Drum set, marching snare drum, concert snare drum, mallet percussion, piano
  • Pop/Rock Drummer for over 15 years
  • Minor in Music from University of North Texas

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General Teaching Style

I play, we play, you play is a go-to method of mine. I'm a big proponent of taking boring exercises and playing them to music, especially when warming up. I also love finding to find youtube videos of great musicians to show students so they can have some musical role models early on. The more influences, the more well-rounded the musician!


I am a rudimental drummer, so teaching them to build a rock solid, rudimental foundation is a great starting point.

Focus & Goals of the First Lesson

Basic technique and introduction to rhythms and time are always a must-learn for new students of all ages.

Most Inspirational Music Moments and Experiences

Seeing Mark Guiliana at the Village Vanguard in New York City

I worked as an SLP-A (Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant) for 3 years at a private practice in which I worked with patients of all ages with a wide range of needs. This taught me to understand that in order for someone to learn something, it always needs to be in terms they understand. There is not one way to teach all people!

Teacher that will help you reach your potential

It's important I know what your goal is when taking lessons with me so I can take the necessary steps to get you the tools you will need to get there. Forming healthy, sustainable technique early on is key to a lifetime of painless music-making, regardless of your long term goals. I'm excellent at setting the bar reasonably high for students to reach heights they didn't think they could.

Top 3 Desert Island Albums

Voodoo - D'Angelo
Hard Groove - The RH Factor
Thrust - Herbie Hancock