Michelle – Voice, Piano Teacher ONLINE

Quick Facts about Michelle

  • Teaches Voice and Beginning to Intermediate Piano
  • Works well with all ages
  • Specializes in Jazz, Blues, Pop, Rock and Musical Theater Styles
  • 7 Years of Teaching Experience
  • 15 Years of Performance Experience
  • Associates degree from Highline Community College

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General Teaching Style

I work from a classical technique. We must breathe and support very low on our bodies – this is coupled with proper balance and posture. Next, we must sing clear, round vowels with an open throat. It’s the perfect starting point for anyone wanting to learn a healthy and correct singing technique.

I work well with many differing ages groups and enjoy the aspect of learning from my students as well. Everyone is different and I find that after a couple lessons I can really hone in on what works best for each student. Consistency and comfort are some of the most important factors to learning.


Top 3 Desert Island Albums

Luckily I always have my voice with me, thus I am never without my instrument!

  • Dark Side of The Moon -  Pink Floyd
  • The Budos Band ll
  • Aretha Franklins Greatest Hits


This can be different for each student depending on age, experience and ability to maintain the information and apply it to what we are working on. There will be consistency in breathing technique, singing vowels proper shapes, diction and repertoire. We will work on songs students want to learn and I will choose songs that mirror these pieces that help foster growth.

Focus & Goals of the First Lesson

We work on being in our bodies by stretching and learning proper breathing technique, vocal warm-ups and starting with a simple song so I can better advise from a space where a student is vocally starting from.

Unique Strengths

I deeply understand the anxiety that comes from singing in public. Stage fright can be a huge opponent to success so we constantly work on finding a space to be vulnerable while using the intensity of anxiety and turn it into artistry.

Additional Experience & Instruments

I have been performing for over 15 years. I sang in choirs, jazz bands, cabaret, rock and funk bands, singer songwriter and an all female improvisational band. I have also had experience playing Ukulele and Bass.

Most Inspirational Music Moment

This is exponential. I experience this regularly whether it be while I am performing or listening to amazing musicians on stage. Music is a constant inspiration; as are my musician friends.