Tatyana Y – Piano Teacher

Quick Facts About Tatyana

  • Teaches P.I.A.N.O.
  • Great with kids as young as 3+ and beginners of any age
  • Trained in classical
  • Born in Estonia
  • Speaks Russian and English
  • Patient, flexible, and fun
  • Summited and skied 5 volcanoes: Mt.Addams, Mt.St.Helens, Mt.Baker, Mt.Hood,
    and Mt.Rainier (Glacier Peak? Not yet)

Music is a Language

“Everything in life is vibration.” -Albert Einstein

All things in our observable universe are constantly in motion, vibrating, oscillating, resonating at various frequencies. Music is a vibration, and vibrations are a kind of rhythm. When you learn to play an instrument, you are adding your own unique vibration to the universes song.

According to Ethnologue, there are currently 7,117 known languages spoken around the world. Music is a language that we all understand, in one way or another. Wether you hear an orchestra or simply a whisper, it speaks to each of us. It connects us to our past, our present, and our future.

The law of conservation of energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Let’s put out positive energy vibrations for ourselves, our families, our children, our planet and all the creatures who share this planet with us.

“One positive thought produces millions of positive vibrations.” -John Coltrane

In our increasingly polarized society, it is important that we focus on what we have in common, our similarities, and what connects us. A good place to start is music.

Inclusive all ages all background... music is inclusive. It pulls people together, connects them, you instantly have a connection with people over favorite bands or styles... can jam with someone and have nothing else in common but become instant friend.

General Teaching Style

My teaching style is fun. Brains can only take in so much. If pushed too far, they can’t learn new material, nor care to. This applies not only to music, but any subject.

Besides teaching students how to play the piano, I aim to integrate practical methods for HOW to learn quickly, and have fun doing it. I share methods which have worked well for me in the past, and encourage students to find their own personal learning hacks.

Questions are always encouraged. When presented with a complex question, I often teach through analogy, integrating musical concepts with things students already understand. Questions have helped me become a better teacher and student. If I don’t know the answer to a question, I enjoy including my student in searching for the answer. Showing students that you don’t need to know the answer right away, encourages them to explore and ask more questions.

“The important thing is to never stop questioning.” - Albert Einstein

Tatyana Yagolnikov- Piano Teacher | Off the Wall School of Music

What to expect during your first lesson with Tatyana

During the first lesson, my goal is for the student to have an enjoyable experience and leave inspired. We will choose a song together, and learn how to play it. Yes, during the first lesson! For younger students, opportunities to display what they have learned during the last 5 minutes of the lesson, has been a great way for parents to get involved.

I genuinely love teaching and my love for music is contagious. My hope is for students to integrate music into everyday life, and appreciate the nuances that music brings.

Individual experiences and personalities play a big role in how we will go about navigating curriculum. Keeping an open dialogue about music goals is something I encourage, both with students and parents.

Sometimes kiddos, like adults get busy. For example, school projects or trips can leave little time for practice, so I have no problem scaling back when needed. The key is consistency! Habits are formed with frequency, not time.

Top 3 Desert Island Albums

  • A Tribe Called Quest - The Low End Theory
  • Daft Punk - Discovery
  • Kanye West- My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy