The Funnest Music Lessons in Seattle

We're Focused on Teaching the Best Music Lessons in Seattle

We offer engaging lessons in piano, guitar, violin and more to adults and kids alike

We Make Music Lessons Fun

Our teachers know how to make music lessons engaging -- from the songs you'll learn to how they present the material to showing your skills off in one of our super fun recitals.

When learning how to play music is fun, our students practice more, and they progress more quickly toward achieving their goals.



We Offer a Customized, Well-Rounded Curriculum

We teach much more than how to read notes on a page!

Our students can also learn:

  • A variety of music styles: bluegrass, blues, classical, country, jazz, pop, ragtime, reggae, rock and more
  • How to improvise and read chord symbols
  • How to write music
  • How to play & sing
  • How to record their music
  • How to play with a group
  • How to be an entertainer

We offer lessons for all levels of experience -- beginning to advanced -- and tailor our curriculum to meet your specific needs.

We Give a Free 30-Minute Introductory Music Lesson

Our excitement about music is so contagious, we think everyone should catch the music bug! That's why we offer a free lesson, as well as  free practice time for their first month with us, to everyone in Seattle.

Introductory lessons are a way for you to meet our teachers and check out our school, and we offer them for beginning, intermediate and advanced students.

Students often leave their free lesson filled with happiness, excitement and positive energy, and we love sharing that with our community.

And helping people realize that music is fun is our way of paying it forward.

Covid-19 Updates

Yes, we are open for online lessons or in-person lessons.